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White Henna & Natural Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoos are great if you want something a little more grown up and which will last up to two weeks. ​


Henna tattoos are beautiful freehand designs applied with a cone, which are applied to the skin as a paste. When it dries, a stain remains which darkens over a couple of days to a rich brown colour, The stain can last up one to two weeks and then gradually fades.


These look beautiful on the hands and feet, (or shoulders and arms), and look lovley with summer sandals! Henna parties are a wonderful "girls night in", relax, have a glass of wine, and let me decorate you with natural henna!


**Please note, only 100% natural botanical henna is used which is a brown or mahogony in colour, following traditional recipies, which have been used used for centuries. I NEVER use BLACK henna, which is dangerous and is not actually henna at all. BLACK henna is a dye using toxic chemicals  which can cause serious burns and side effects. Henna that is Black is not "henna" at all and should be avoided at all costs!



Glitter tattoos are a popular choice to add a bit of sparkle, and are longer lasting than paint.


These "tattoos" are created with body glue and cosmetic glitter which adheres to the skin where the glue has been applied, either freehand or with the aid of a stencil design. The result is a sparkling, multi coloured design which is waterproof and, depending on placement and after care, can last several days. 


Suitable for boys and girls, young and old! They will all be queuing up for more! Glitter tattoos can be added as an "extra" for  your guests at your face painting party.


To discuss your event in more detail please call

Karen on 07976 601777

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